Strong on Defense

Stronger Investments for Taiwan’s Defense

We believe in a strong defense as a credible deterrent to the threat from China. To secure this, the DPP is in favor of large investments to building-up Taiwan’s military forces through an increased defense budget, strengthening our domestic defense industry, and making better and smarter arms purchases from our partners and all

Better Equipment and Training

Our men and women in uniform should receive the best training and equipment necessary to finish their jobs. A major part of this is sound military governance. We support the comprehensive reform of internal military affairs with personnel considerations as a core value, and strengthening the connection between the military and society.

A Greater Peacetime Presence

Our peace-time military should play a greater role in emergency disaster relief and humanitarian assistance and reconstruction both in Taiwan and the region. We believe that with our experience in disaster management, we make effective contributions to the safety and security of our friends and allies in the region.

Defense Blue Papers

In order to secure these objectives, the DPP and the New Frontier Foundation have committed to the publishing of 12 defense blue papers before May 2015. These blue papers, done as part of our 2012 road map, will serve as preparation for our comprehensive national defense policy. 

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